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 These items are productions that manufacturers in Japan have consigned us to sell in South East Asia.
Some production which has been used as a course in Japan, can be special technology in South East Asia. We introduce High-Tech Products from Japan.
= Japanese Manufacturers are looking for OEM factory in Southeasr Asia =
Major Japanese Filter manufacturer in Japan is looking for OEM Factory in Thailand and Malaysia.
Their request are below.
1. Welding of Stainless Steel (SUS304) is available.
2. Casting of SUS316L, WCB is available.
Detail is HERE.
= For the Customers in South East Asia =
* New Tachnology in Japan *
We introduce the new technology from various industries in Japan. If you are interested in these products, please contact us.
RUS GUARD II: Dual Rust+Moisture Prevention
 This product contains butynediol that have 10 times of the vapor pressure of DICHAN.
 Butynediol prevent the rust from the various metals (Steel, Zinc, Copper, Brass, Aluminum, Nickel, Tin). It is our patent that we found butynediol is effective against rust. Mitsubishi Motors Inc is the patent partner and used this product only for themselves. Now we can open to the public.
 As you do not have to use anti-rust oil, degreasing process before painting can be omitted. You can store your metal parts without rust for more than six months.

More: Catalogue(Eng) Catalogue(Jpn) MSDS RoHS Price Mail
TORAY MIXING NOZZLE: Compact Nozzle Provides Outstanding Mixing Quality
 A considerable reduction in production costs would be possible if colouring could be achieved with a mare economical method. For this Purpose, many static mixers have been developed. The TORAY Mixing Nozzle, including the Hi-Mixer, was developed through modifying and improving present types of static mixers.
 The installation of TORAY Mixing Nozzles into conventional types of injection moulding equipment ensures not only economical injection, but major improvements in quality such as mechanical strength, dimensional stability and unitorm appearance of the resin products.

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ELMECH CYLINCER JACKET: Energy Saving & Quality Control for Plastic Injection Machine
 It is possible to save energy and keep high quality for the plastic products by this CYLINDER JACKET. Only cover the injection cylinder by this JACKET. Saving energy is more than 20% of cylinder energy consumption.
 Material of glass fiber keep the temperature stable and quality of the products will be excellent and failure rate will go down.
More: Catalogue(Eng) Catalogue(Jpn) Price Mail
POLYCRYSTAL: Clear Polyurethane Plastics without Cadmium, Lead, Mercury, Cromium
 Polycristal is the clear urethane material for casting, and is never changed to yellow. It is as same clear as Acrylic.
 As these 2 liquid are low viscosity, low odor and can be hardened at common temperature, Both are excellent in safety and workability. There are a variety of hard materials to soft materials, depending on the various applications, It can be used for molding, potting, casting molding, rotational molding, etc.

More: Catalogue(Jpn) Data(Eng) MSDS(Eng) Sample Test Report Mail
GLEASON GEAR MACHINE : Used Gear Machine for Hypoid Gear, Spiral Bevel Gear for Automobile
Used Gleason Gear Machines modified to NC Gear Machines are available. Your Gear Machines can be modified to NC Machines too. Modified NC Gear Machines are enough cheaper than ner machines.
It is said that only Gleason Machines can be machining the gear for automobiles. High skills are necessary for the operators to control this Gleason machines. Education for operator is available in Japan.

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* New Machine *
We are the dealer of
(Direct Trade)
  * Air Parts *
We are the dealer of
(Direct Trade)
  * Hydraulic Parts *
We are the dealer of
(Direct Trade)
* Other Items *
These items may be irrelevant to your jobs. Just only we hope to introduce from Japan to South East Asia.
AUTOMOBILE DIRECT PRINTER: Full-color printing machine, directly onto automobile bodies
 Most recently we are proud to present the "Automobile Direct Printer", a unique, full-color printing machine, specially designed for printing graphics directly onto automobile bodies. Automobile Direct Printer does not use the films. So, it will make printing job at very low cost. Then, its profit margin is big. Owners of Car Body Kits shops, Car Body Styling Shops and Custom Made Car Shops will find the introduction of the Automobile Direct Printer to be quite useful for increasing business opportunities and profit.
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BONE CONDUCTION HEADPHONE: No need to use eardrums to hear sound.
 Bone Conduction bypasses the eardrums. In bone conduction listening, the bone conduction devices perform the role of your eardrums. These devices decode sound waves and convert them into vibrations that can be received directly by the Cochlea so the eardrum is never involved. The “sound” reach the ears as vibrations through the bones and skin.
 Most cases of hearing loss are due to damages to the eardrums. Since bone conduction does not use the eardrums, people with hearing difficulties would be able to hear clearly again with bone conduction

More: Catalogue(Jpn) Catalogue(Eng) Mail
= For the Customers in Japan =
* Items in South East Asia *
We introduce some productions that have enough quality and can be exported to Japan.
BILLBOARD: Many kinds of BILLBOARD in Malaysia
 There are many kinds of BILLBOARD in Malaysia along the high way, on the buildings, etc. These BILLBOARD are designed by the Japan Industrial Standard. And can be used in Japan. We already made some STANDARD about these BILLBOARD. We can supply BILLBOARD as reasonable price to the customers in Japan.
More: Catalogue(HTML) Catalogue(pdf) Mail
PRECISION MACHINE PARTS: Machining of Steel, Aluminum, Alloy
 Many Japanese companies od automobile and electric have come to South East Asia, and trained the local companies. Some of these local companies have already enough skills to manufacture the precision machine parts. They want to export their products to the customers in Japan. We can inquire the parts from the Japan made drawings.
More: Catalogue(Eng) Catalogue(Jap) Mail
RUBBER SHEET: Rubber sheet for Truck and Floor in Factory
 Anti slip design stops your load from shifting. The special raised nipple under surface allows air and water to circulate, which helps eliminate rust. Super tough material made from natural rubber with fibre reinforcement. Wont tear, crack or wwrp. Resistance to most chemicals and liquids. Will keep its shape in extreme temperatures and UV stabilised.
More: Catalogue(Eng) Catalogue(Jpn) Mail
STEEL FABRICS: Steel productions for buildind and constructions
 Our skilled workers with their vast experience and knowledge can deal with all kind of metal works. Their expertise in welding job is our company indispensable assets. Many years experience in this realm help to improve our skills and we able to carry out the work according to drawing with minimum variances.
More: Catalogue(Eng) Catalogue(Jpn) Mail
IRON CASTING: FC, FCD, High-Chromium, High-Manganese, Abrasion Resistance Material

 Malaysia is famous for Tin Casting for many years. There are many iron casting factories in Malaysia. Some technical engineers came to Malaysia from Japan after he retired. And training the factories.
 Now, many factory can supply the high quality iron casting parts of FC, FCD and Abrasion Resistance Material of High-Chromium, High-Manganese.

 Catalogue(Eng) Catalogue(Jpn) Mail

RECYCLED PLASTIC: Recycled Plastic of PP, ABS
1. Sales of Recycled Plastic, Unit is bag of 25kg and flexible container of 1300kg.
2. Trade of Scrap Plastic, We buy the scrap plastic from the factory.
3. Reproduction of Plastic resin, We produce plastic resin from your scrap plastic. Production Yield is more than 95%.

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