It is possible to reduce the Power Consumption and Factory Expenses by our Cylinder Jacket.

Our Cylinder Jacket is made with 3 layer glass fiber that has High Heat Insulation and just cover the heater. Installation is very easy.
The reduction of Power Consumption is more than 20% by our data.

Standard material is High Coated Cross-A (Heat resistance 260Ž), Heat Insulating Material, Glass Fiber, Needle Punch High Density Material (Heat resistance 500Ž) at surface and Glass Fiber Cross with special treatment (Heat resistance 500Ž) at back side.

Cylinder Jacket is made according to the Dimension, Electrode Position, Thermocouple Position of Customer's Injection Machines.

It is possible for special order as "Material of Heat Resistance 1000Ž", "Acceptable to use in Clean Room".

This Graph is about actual reduction of power consumption in the customer's factory. Only Electric Current through the heater is measured.

¦This is champion data in our Performance.

This graph say that as bigger the cylinder diameter, the heat from band heater raise the room temperature.

Heat from the Cylinder waste the Electric Bill, Safety, Quality.
The heat from the Cylinder ont only waste the Electric Bill, but also reduce the worker's safety and decline the quolity.
It is possible to reduce the waste of Power Consumption, improve the worker's environment, improve the qulity and reduce CO2 to wrap the cylinder by High Density Jacket. These are Effects of Cylinder Jacker.
‘Electric Bill More than 20%-50% of Power Consumption of Cylinder Heater can be reduced.
(UP to the Heater Size)
Surface Temperature of Cylinder Jacket is only 50Ž. This is useful for the worker's Safety.
‘Quolity Jacket keep temperature and support the stable situation for quolity control.
‘Air conditioning
Heat Diffusion will be decreased and Room Temperature will be decreased.
‘CO2 Emission 0.42‚‹‚‡ of CO2 Reduction is possibble per 1kW/h Power Reduction.

We measure the diameter of cylinder, electrode position, Thermocouple position and angle, cable position, and manufacture the Cylinder Jacket.
Our Cylinder Jacket is perfectly order made products and cover the most part of Cylinder.
Front side of the cylinder can be covered perfectly.

Cylinder Jacket is only installed on the Heater of Injection Machine or Extruder Machine. And Possible to reduce the Power Consumption and keep the High Quolity of the production.

Left Graph shows the deffence of Power Consumption between Injection Machine or Extruder Machine with Cylinder Jacket and that with Conventional Jacket.

Power Consumption of the machines with Cylinder Jacket is fairly little. Because Cylinder Jacket keep the heat very well.
Surface temperature is only 50Ž when Heater temperature is 250Ž.

Cylinder Jacket keep the heat inside Cylinder and don't wast the heat.
This means Power Consumption can be reduced.
This data is only for one day. Customer can save energy for the long period.


¦In the upper case, CO2 reduction per day is 12.204kg !
iCO2 reduction is 0.339kg per 1‚‹‚—/h.

Cylinder jacket has high resistance to high temperature. The temperature of the cylinder of Injection Machine or Extruder Machine will be stable, and mistake shot will be reduced.

Right graph shows the mistake shot of small bearing dust seal.
Red Color Area shows the mistake when machine wear the Cylinder jacket.

Cylinder Jacket keep the temperature stable, and production control will be more easy to the high quolity production.

    We can supply the Cylinder Jacket with Air Cooling Option.

Cylinder Jacket keep the heat. But when Plastic resin is changed, It was necessary to cool the cylinder.

This Air Cooling option solve this proble.

For Example, when Resin will be changed from ABS to PP, It is necassary to cool the cylinder as 30Ž. Air Cooling Option is possible to cool faster than without Cylinder Jacket.

1: Air Inlet coupler is necessary, because surface cloth of Cylinder Jacket don't through the air.

2: Air will cool the Cylinder and Glasswool and exhausted to outside.